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Eventscripts v2.1.1.370

Eventscripts v2.1.1.370 - has been added to our one-click addons.


New Features

  • Added l4d2 build for Linux and Windows
  • New EventScripts Classic engine (ESC alpha) is now the default engine for L4D and L4D2
  • Adding version resource for Windows DLLs -- you can now check the DLL for its version instead of needing to load it
  • Added support for auto-setting the IP variable to workaround the Valve "wait" problem, set eventscripts_setipcmdline to 0 in eventscripts_autoexec.cfg
  • Added #darkgreen support for es_tell and es_msg
  • weaponlib support for many, many Source games (Thanks to Satoon, XE_ManUp, and SuperDave.)
  • Added es.getCurrentEventVarString(), es.getCurrentEventVarInt(), es.getCurrentEventVarFloat() for advanced scripts


  • All games should now have the right VDF files
  • Various crash fixes
  • Added support for ES scripts to set server variables like the console would (e.g. "es" now sets them properly)
  • On L4D+, changing es.regcmd() to support unregistering old concommands before registering them if they were registered outside ES
  • Removing unnecessary extra carriage return that seems to cause periodic issues with "es" and other commands.
  • Lookup*ByUserid() methods were wasting time (and sometimes crashing) when looking for negative userids. Now they only seek if userid >= 1.
  • Fixed bug with setting float to 0, so it sets it to 0.0
  • Fixing problem with es.setInt() for a variable that doesn't exist. We weren't passing the create flag. (Fix for ESC issue reported by Chun.)
  • Fixes (in build 366):
    • Fixed problems caused by Apr 14 release of Source engine in OrangeBox
    • Removed a client-side crash exploit
    • Includes 2010 cfglib fix to properly call es.mexec
  • Fixes (in build 370):
    • Fixed problems caused by Jun 23 release of Source engine in OrangeBox



Customer Server 1

PLAYERS: 0 / 10

Customer Server 2 - Team Fortress 2
PLAYERS: 0 / 24

Customer Server 3

[DS].DELTA-SQUAD - In memory of [DS].Achilles
PLAYERS: 0 / 24

Customer Server 4 - Left 4 Dead 2 Server
PLAYERS: 0 / 4