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zBlock 4.6

zBlock 4.6 has now been added to our one-click addons.

Changelog Source:

-Made a change to the netcode to optimise it better for competitive play.

-Added new cvar "zb_removals" (Default: 0 - Disabled).
When set to "1" all junk props are removed from the map.
When set to "2" it removes all oil drums.
When set to "3" it removes both oil drums and junk.
Best combined with the client setting "cl_phys_props_enable 0".

-Added new cvar "zb_illegaldefusefix" (Default: 0 - Disabled).
When set to "1" you are unable to defuse unless you can see the bomb and a message is displayed telling you so.

-Added new cvar "zb_antiflash" (Default: 1 - Enabled).
When enabled players who are under the full effect of a flashbang will be unable to see other players by cheating to remove the white screen effect.

-Added new cvar "zb_force_dx" (Warmode Only, Default: 0 - Disabled)
When set to "1" players must use a DirectX9 video mode (resolves ambient occlusion issues).
When set to "2" players must use a DirectX8 video mode (stronger flashbang effect).

-Added new cvar "zb_bancheaters" (Default: 1)
When enabled confirmed cheaters will be banned.
When disabled they are kicked.

-Added new cvar "zb_forwardbans" (Default: 1)
When enabled bans made by zBlock will be forwarded to SourceBans if that plugin is also running (

-Re-introducing cvar "zb_crouchfix" (Default: 0)
When enabled players must wait until they're standing to crouch again.

-Added "zb_record"/"zb_stoprecord" commands.
Records a SourceTV demo with name "MAPNAME_YYMMDD_HHMM".
When using "zb_record" zBlock will look for a directory named "zb_demos" or "demos" in the game-server's root directory, if it exists demos will be saved to that location.

Other changes:
-Now compatible with the latest SRCDS update from VALVe (14/04/11).
-Fixed crash when "zb_active 0" and adding a bot.
-Fixed crash where "zb_logs" directory was read-only or could not be created.
-Fixed cash calling not appending the "+" to the cash under the correct circumstances (broken since last srcds update).
-Interp ratio removed from zb_netinfo as this value is ignored when cl_interp is greater than the ratio.
Replaced with the actual interpolation amount.
-Warnings are now given when the "tv_delay" is set to less than 30 on an Internet server (zb_warmode).
-"sv_client_max_interp_ratio" is now forced to "1" on a LAN server.
-The cvar scanner is no longer active with sv_cheats 1.
-"zb_antispeedhack 1" now just prevents speedhacks, when set to 2 it also kicks obvious offenders (1 is default).
-Improved the file size of the plugin.
-Players with "cl_interp" greater than "0.1" (default) are now kicked whilst zBlock is enabled.
-Auto-update is now performed early in the plugin load process to allow updating to be possible (for simple compatibility issues) in future updates.
-Various other surprises :)

The zBlock Team
J3Di, CodeRed, Orion and everyone involved in testing this release.


Customer Server 1

PLAYERS: 0 / 10

Customer Server 2 - Team Fortress 2
PLAYERS: 0 / 24

Customer Server 3

[DS].DELTA-SQUAD - In memory of [DS].Achilles
PLAYERS: 0 / 24

Customer Server 4 - Left 4 Dead 2 Server
PLAYERS: 0 / 4