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zBlock 4.5 RC 1 released

zBlock 4.5 RC1 has been added to our one-click addons.


This is our release candidate for 4.5 of zBlock, after Counter-Strike: Source's update to the Orange Box version of the engine we were in a bit of problematic situation. Prior to this change a lot of work had already gone into developing some new experimental features for the plugin (some of which have made it to this release) and we took the time to re-design and re-build the code from the ground-up so now we will be able to maintain it better in the future.

Not all the features you may expect are to be found in this release, we only wish to make sure everything is working great on the new engine before we proceed with adding new functionality. Please come to our forums and give us feedback either about features you expected to be in this new release or any problems you might experience. Hopefully then we'll be able to progress.

At this moment in time we only support Counter-Strike: Source.

Changelog 4.4 -> 4.5 RC1

-Supports the latest update to Counter-Strike: Source (Orange Box).
-Re-developed code-base improves ability to maintain the plugin in future versions.

Added features:
-zb_deadvoice (default: 1)
Allows dead teammates to communicate to living members of their team using the in-game voice system.

-zb_crashblock (default: 1)
Protects the game-server from several crash exploits.

-zb_warmode (default: 1)
Allows the distinction between a public server and a match/competitive server.
See the readme file for further details.

-zb_antispeedhack (default: 1)
Prevents the use of cheats which manipulate the games view of time.

-zb_viewanglescheck (default: 1)
Detects cheats which distort a player view-angles.

-zb_ignoreplayerqueries (default: 0)
Allows a match server to hide the names of connected players (recommend default settings).

-zb_antispam_max_cmds_per_sec (default: 5)
Sets the maximum number of commands a player can trigger per second, prevents spam attacks
(We're currently working on improving this feature, pelase give feedback).

-zb_kickct <REASON>
Kicks the counter-terrorist team.

-zb_kickt <REASON>
Kicks the terrorist team.

-zb_kickspec <REASON>
Kicks the spectators.

-You must now be able to see the bomb in order to defuse it.

-Forced sv_maxcmdrate 66, sv_maxupdaterate 66 to prevent exploitation of cl_interp on a 66-tick server.

Updated features:
-zb_dosprotect now protects from more types of attack.
-Defusefix now fixes defuse issues on de_inferno/de_tides amongst other maps.
-Defusefix now prevents smoke grenades and weapons interferring with defusals.
-Clients must now set an fps_max of at least 66.
-Added additional file checks not checked by sv_pure 2.
-Added "gamePort" and "gameIP" POST fields to auth-host queries, you can now recognise the server the request came from more easily.
-The plugin may no longer be loaded on the game client.
-mat_dxlevel 80/81 are forced with zb_warmode enabled, please set "-dxlevel 81" or "-dxlevel 80" in your launch options, start css, quit and remove the command or download this file to set DXLevel 81 in the registry.



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